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Meghan Markle has learnt from her BIGGEST royal mistake amid Prince Harry’s title change

In the new book Royals At War, sources claimed that the Duchess of Sussex drove palace staff “to distraction” by rushing projects without properly thinking things through. However, sources have since revealed Meghan has learnt from this mistake ahead of the launch of the Archewell project.

Comments from sources published in the new ‘Royals at War’ book claimed Meghan would rush into projects “without proper research.”

However, hardworking Meghan has since upped her game and has come up with a whole new approach.

“You can say what you want about Meghan, but she works incredibly hard,” a source told Vanity Fair.

“The problem is she and Harry have a tendency to hatch big projects over dinner and expect them to be actioned within days.

“Meghan had brilliant ideas, but she was always in a hurry and aides had to sit down and explain that foundations and big projects take thought, time, and commitment, they cannot be rushed.”

In the months following Megxit, it seems the duchess has learned from her biggest royal mistake.

Along with their powerhouse Hollywood team, the Sussexes are taking a new approach.

This is partially the reason why Meghan and Prince Harry’s new Archwell foundation won’t be getting a high profile launch this year.

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“They have learned from the mistakes of the past and taking their time with Archewell,” the source revealed.

“They want to get the next stage right.”

The Archewell foundation is said to be the backbone of the couple’s philanthropic work, and will encompass all the work the Sussexes are currently involved with.

“They are in no hurry to launch Archewell, they want to get it right, that’s really important to them,” a source told Vanity Fair.

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“This is something that they want to do for the rest of their lives so they’re not going to be pressured into launching something that’s still in the relatively early stages of development.”

However, the coronavirus pandemic is of course, partially to blame for the slower launch or Archewell.

Despite the setbacks, the couple are in no rush.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has taken another step away from Royal Life.

On Thursday, the website of Prince Harry’s environmental tourism initiative Travalyst removed all references to Harry as “His Royal Highness”.

This is a key part of the Duke and Duchess’ agreement struck with the Royal Family in January following their decision to step down as senior members of the Royal Family.

Their decision was announced on their Sussex Royal Instagram account, which they uploaded their final post to back in March.

HRH, an abbreviation of His/Her Royal Highness, is a key honorary title used by leading members of the Royal Family.

Where the website previously read that Travalyst is “led by HRH The Duke of Sussex,” their title has now changed.

Now the site simply reads “led by The Duke of Sussex.”

“The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles as they are no longer working members of the Royal Family,” a statement from Buckingham Palace previously explained.

Prince Harry has since honoured the pledge in public, telling people to “just call me Harry” at his first post-split event at a Travalyst conference in Edinburgh, Scotland in February.


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